Toscas Group


Start Up

Market Need + Smart Idea = Happy Customers

Like successful companies everywhere, Toscas Group started with someone who saw a need in the marketplace and had a smart idea to fill it.

Enter Pericles Toscas. With a degree and background in Urban Planning, Pericles Toscas innately understood the need for strategic planning and due diligence before building or even picking up a hammer (measure twice, cut once, right?). But this concept didn’t seem to have proliferation in the IT arena at any of the companies Pericles had exposure to. Ah, the need.

If Toscas Group could partner with business owners to approach technology strategically—with systems planned, designed, and built to optimize the key processes of a company, in sync with business objectives—then clients’ lives would be easier, customer satisfaction would be up, and businesses would be more profitable.

The Genesis

In 2007 Mr. Toscas hand-selected two trusted and highly experienced engineers—one network and one Microsoft— and pitched his concept of an IT strategy company. In order to develop progressive client solutions, he needed to bring to bear the best practice knowledge in each IT discipline. Toscas Group was birthed with this group over drinks in January of 2008 at the Jefferson Tap in Chicago, IL, with Pericles Toscas at the helm.


In just a few short years, Toscas Group has evolved into a strategic consulting firm with expertise in all areas project management, and strategic and IT systems deployment. We have helped hundreds of clients improve their business technology systems to drive and support their strategic goals. Our guiding principle remains the same: Do what’s best for our clients, always.