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Say hello to a screaming fast enterprise network that goes anywhere

Odds are when you’re at the office you have the internet speed and network resources to get the job done. Unfortunately, you don’t have this reliability when you are mobile. Frequently at tradeshows, conventions, sales meetings and large gatherings, most internet and network systems become overwhelmed, resulting in sluggish performance with connection problems. You also don’t have the basic IT tools and capabilities you need to get your job done.
With mobil IT, you won’t get bogged down. We start by bringing a blazing fast internet connection to your event. In fact, we can achieve speeds over 500 mbps. We also bring a customized, enterprise network infrastructure that allows clients to connect, surf, print, share and present. It’s the only solution that’s fast, secure and customizable. It’s your business network, exactly where you need it. Our mobil IT is the perfect solution for:

  • employee training meetings
  • marketing events
  • trade shows
  • conferences
  • markets & expos

Improve retention rates by providing attendees and employees with an independent wifi lounge to use for their personal devices.
Connect your team with ease on your own secure network.
Download presentations and files. Make remote participants feel like they are there.
Provide secure and reliable access to attendees, exhibitors and staff so that they can connect, print, scan, share all on your own customized enterprise network.
Process payments and transfer documents safely via a secure network that runs independently from coverage used by guests and non-secure users.

To learn more about mobil IT, please contact toscas group at 312.929.2650