Toscas Group



Read. Write. Execute.

From hundreds of clients and thousands of hours working with them, we know that our core “Read, Write, Execute” (RWX) process is the most efficient and effective method of building innovative technology solutions that work for business.

Read >> In this imperative phase, Toscas Group discovers all there is to know about your business, your management, your mission, and your ultimate hopes and goals. Fundamentally, it is a learning phase. We do a SWOT analysis of your business, interview key stakeholders, quantify the existing resources, and perform due diligence on vendors. The Read phase looks something like this…

Discover > Interpret > Organize

Write >> Once we have “read” your business situation, Toscas Group sets out to formulate a comprehensive short- and/or long-term strategy with appropriate and innovative technology solutions to address your specific needs. That may mean adjusting or retrofitting your current technology and applications, or perhaps building new systems. We propose specific solutions, write a detailed plan of execution, estimate all aspects of the project or program and submit it to you for approval. The Write phase involves…

Strategize > Plan > Define Scope > Estimate

Execute >> Here’s where it all goes down! Once you’ve approved the Plan and Formal Estimate, Toscas Group goes to work to build and manage your solution. We run the project from start to finish, and manage all resources and aspects of it. Depending on the scope, you may have IT consultants, dedicated project managers, specialized engineers, and technicians all working on your behalf, either on-site or off-site. In this execution phase we…

Build > Test > Refine > Measure > Manage