Toscas Group


Flexible, Hassle-Free Partnership Plans

Are you a retail or internet business? Do you sell baby toys or financial services? Are you a dot-org or a dot-com? Just like people, every business is unique. Toscas Group offers three highly-flexible Partnership Service Levels for our clients – to suit the growth, pace, staffing needs, industry, and all-important strategic goals of your unique business.

ONE Star Partnership / General Maintenance and Support —Our baseline support level, ONE Star Partnership Service provides consistent and reliable maintenance and support for your technology systems and infrastructure.

TWO Star Partnership – CIO Maintenance and Support — Step up to TWO Star Partnership Service, and your business will be supported with all of the services of ONE Star, plus an expanded technology growth plan for your company, policies and procedures documentation, user training, and emergency response.

THREE Star Partnership – Comprehensive Service and Support —This premier Partnership Service offers ALL of the benefits of ONE Star and TWO Star service, with deep and meaningful strategic planning layered underneath. With THREE Star Partnership, Toscas Group partners with your business management to provide an elite level of highly-personalized service, including comprehensive operations and technology strategy planning and development, high-touch, hands-on personnel training, planned project build-outs, a dedicated team of engineers and technicians for your company, and on-site emergency response.

Each of the above service levels provides all-inclusive support with a consistent monthly fee and no surprises. To help you decide which level might be best for your business, see the chart below:

One Star Two Star Three Star
Unlimited phone support * *  *
Remote help desk Troubleshooting * *  *
Routine preventative maintenance * * *
Offsite backup management and verification * * *
Systems and server cleansing and maintenance * * *
Software application updates * * *
Monthly reporting * * *
Formal technology vision and working plan * *
Workstation software upgrades* * *
Hardware repurposing and repair facilitation * *
IT budget management * *
Policies and Procedures documentation * *
Advanced user creation and management * *
Vendor and licensing management * *
Priority emergency response support** *
Custom end user training / productivity training *
Executive management training *
Full home and mobile support for executives *
Enhanced ER recovery procedures *
Security protocols *
Comprehensive emergency response *

*Upgrades defined as version changes beyond updates. Licensing responsibility of client.
**Emergency response time support billed at standard project rates rather than ER rates.