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We deliver proactive IT services to always keep your business running smoothly.

Through our unique RWX process, Toscas Group works with your business from the top down to tie together your goals with solid IT strategy. With Toscas Group, business comes first.

mobil IT enterprise class internet & networking

Odds are when you’re at the office you have the internet speed and network resources to get the job done. Unfortunately, you don’t have this reliability when you are mobile. Frequently at tradeshows, conventions, sales meetings and large gatherings, most internet and network systems become overwhelmed, resulting in sluggish performance with connection problems. You also don’t have the basic IT tools and capabilities you need to get your job done. With mobil IT, you won’t get bogged down. We start by bringing a blazing fast internet connection to your event. In fact, we can achieve speeds over 500 mbps. We…

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